About Alaya

I’m Alaya, the Flow Foodie!

Intuitive holistic nutritionist and transformation guide, I help my spirit-driven entrepreneur sisters support their energetic needs and become as healthy as they can, so that they can continue to do the work they’re meant to do, with as much energy, vitality and stamina as they need while they expand, share their gifts, and hold space for others.

Avid foodie, joyful cook, dedicated boy-mom, playful adventurer, writer, yogi and fellow spiritual entrepreneur, I see the magic in women every day. It lights me up to support women on the rise, using my signature intuitive holistic nutritional counseling process. I’m all about a hands-on, client-led, one of a kind experience for each person or group collective.

My super-powers include:

  • Being fully present with you. I will hear you, I will see you, I will know you, and you will know me. All authentic, all the time. If my stories and experiences help to open you, consider me an open book.
  • Reflecting quickly and accurately, your light back to you. Let me show you what a badass you are!
  • Abundant creativity +Innovative spirit. I love expansion and I help you move past blocks and fears quickly and with so much love. No patterns are ever-limiting, and I can see unique solutions to perceived problems. Ready to shake shit up?
  • Intuitive AF. I get a close read on you and your unique needs, which makes our relationship much more authentic and meaningful. I am led by your unique energy, and thus able to not just educate, but empower.
  • Nutrition Nerd. I love research, and I leave no stone unturned. I incorporate Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrional Psychology, current science + a healthy dose of intuition to help you heal and thrive.


FlowFoodie Manifesto

Welcome, Fierce One. I’ve been waiting for you, my badass, soul-sister Spiritual Entrepreneur. It is my life’s purpose to stand by your side as you as you rise (oh, hello there!) because the rise of women is what’s going to bring about change in a world that’s full of faulty systems and paradigms. No powerful woman has room to be anything less than dialed in to her wellbeing. Vitality is your right, and it is vital right now, in this moment in time, for the success of the collective rising, that you are thriving! You know in your heart that your health is a key part of what will sustain you as you continue to do this deep work that asks so much of you — the work you’re meant to do, and can’t wait to get to every day. Yes, your temple is calling. Answer Her, in the most intuitive, empowered and individualized way, and think of me as your guide, here to simply illuminate what is already within, and clear what’s not serving you, as we discover together, how to make your health a direct reflection of your heart.

You need all the focused support you can get, and someone who understands where you’re coming from, as you prioritize your health alongside everything else you’re holding up. You know that being dialed in to your health will give you another slight edge, which will allow you to keep rocking your business and LIFE expansion (because it’s all connected) and that’s where I come in. I know, it’s kind of (majorly) awesome how we found each other! I know how much energetic work it takes for you to run your own Empire of Good, because I’m all up on this planet running my own, and I want to be your BFF as you gain an edge that will serve you for life, by helping  you fully understanding your nutritional needs from a deep, spiritual place, so that you can operate at a new level and feel better and more vibrant than ever before! The magic is in you, I’m here to bring it out.

You are expansion, embodied. You are called, and listening, taking inspired action even when it scares you. You’re walking, no dancing, on your soul path, and are so sure of your work that there’s no stopping, only thoughtful pausing in times that you need self care (lots) and reflection (even more). You work through your own muck each time you find yourself stuck in it, so that you can consistently and authentically raise your energetic offerings to match the ever increasing needs of those who want to enter into a spiritual contract with you because you are JUST RIGHT for them. Isn’t it time you work through the blocks that are keeping you away from vibrant nutrition, based on your own individual needs? Isn’t it time to delve deeply into old patterns, and clear your physical and energetic space of what’s not serving you? Isn’t it time to call in your own body wisdom to be your guiding light as you conquer your own greatness? I think so. I do, indeed…

You’re in tune with your gifts, and and know yourself better almost daily; you’re rocking your offerings, making that money, girl, and connecting with more and more people who resonate with your message. Essentially, you’re on fire! So let’s get everything dialed in so that you FEEL on fire, too, and will continue to as you Rise, Sister, Rise!